The Why’s Part I: Why a year of service?

I think in order for you to understand more about me and this blog, I should explain why I have decided to do a year of service. In Baltimore. In education. I’ve never even been to Baltimore and I have no background in education (other than being a student of course). The next couple posts will be about how I came to my decision.

During my time at Villanova, I became involved in the school’s Service Break Experience program, specifically with the Habitat for Humanity trips. My fourth, and final trip was to El Paso, Texas this past fall. Upon returning, Villanova’s Campus Ministry plans post-break reflections in order to better cope with coming back to “our world” from the different areas in which we had volunteered. Many times, it’s difficult to relate these experiences to those who haven’t been there themselves.

Before breaking up into our smaller groups, Rachelle, my advisor from a previous Service Break Experience trip to South Dakota spoke to all 200 (or so) trip-goers. She spoke about her time with JVC Northwest working with Native Americans in Montana and the four core values of the program: social justice, simple living, community, and spirituality. She told how she had been “ruined for life” by her experience.

It was right then that I looked around at my group of optimistic, loving, and enthusiastic college students sitting around me and realized that a big reason why I kept going back to do these trips (4 total, leading 2) was because I could devote a whole week to someone else without distraction with other people that truly cared. I loved it. If I liked doing it for a week, why not a year? When else would I be able to devote an entire year to help others and work towards justice? It gave me chills thinking about it and I nearly teared up. I would forever regret NOT doing a year of service.

And that’s when I knew I needed to make it happen.


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