The Intersection of Passion Street and Skills Boulevard

In the past, I’ve talked about why I went into education for my year with JVC. I found myself passionate about education and how it should be the great equalizer in our country. (Side-note: I can’t exactly remember when I realized that, while our country is based on “equal opportunity”, it doesn’t always give the same opportunities to our children, but it’s completely rocked my world since).

Anyway, this year, working as a teaching assistant at Cristo Rey, I realized that, while I was passionate about education and equal opportunity, I wasn’t suited to be a teacher. It simply isn’t my thing. (Another side-note: I am forever a bajillion times more appreciative of all teachers. It’s really hard sometimes).

I gave a lot of thought in March, April, and May about what I wanted to do when JVC ended. Should I do what I was “trained” to do and work in public relations? But what about all I had learned about and become more passionate about this year? How could I translate that into full-time (paid) work, but not teach? That, and where do my strengths lie?

Image via MyNameMattersNot

I thought about it. A lot.

But then I went back to what we talked about at Re-Orientation and finding the intersection of what we’ve experienced this year and what we’re “going to do about it”.

So, through all that, I realized that I needed to find my own intersection for my career. I had to find the intersection of Passion Street and Skills Boulevard. And, luckily, the Corporate Sponsor Representative position at Cristo Rey was right on the corner.

So, my advice to the folks out there looking for jobs or wondering what you want to do: find what you’re passionate about, figure out what you’re good at, and find where those two things intersect. It will leave you happy and your work meaningful!

6 Responses to The Intersection of Passion Street and Skills Boulevard

  1. Diana says:

    Follow your bliss! (that’s what my mom always says, haha). I’m glad you’ve found what feels like a perfect fit… that seems the hardest thing about post-grad life, so you’re ahead of the curve.

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  3. Tom and Palma says:

    Great Post, and great advice, congratulations T, continue pursuing your passion and your skills which are many!!

  4. Michael Simone says:

    After next week, I think you’ll have to change the title of your blog. You can’t be the Volunteacher if you’re getting paid. I suggest “The Remunerateacher.” It’s Latinesque and classy. I mean, how many people drop the word remuneration any more. But it’s just a thought.

    So, where are you living now?

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