The Homestretch

July 6, 2010

As of today, I have just one month left of JVC…

Wait, let me say that again because I’m not sure I quite believe it.

As of today, I have just one month left of JVC.

No way! That’s crazy-talk. How is that possible?

Image via tpower1978

Oh, but it’s true. This year has absolutely flown by. Like wicked fast. And now, today, summer school starts and I start my new job, splitting half-time with my JV duties as a summer school theology independent study supervisor for July (I’ll start the new job full-time after Dis-Orientation at the beginning of August).

Since the school year ended on June 16, I’ve been helping to prepare for the summer programs at school, visited New York City (where I subsequently spent my entire stipend), went home to Massachusetts (where I was subsequently doted upon- “Hey, Tommy, would you like another post-golf Sam Summer? Or would you rather a Blue Moon before we sit down for the steak dinner you picked out?”), and celebrated America’s birthday with a big group of JV’s in Washington D.C.

So, it’s been a relaxingly exciting few weeks for Mr. O’Keefe.

Now, we’re nearing the end, the singing lady is clearing her throat in anticipation, and we’re about to tee off on the 18th for the 4th quarter of the 3rd period.

In one month’s time, I will be a genuine, card-carrying adult person complete with a (paid) job I care about, a commute, taxes and insurance (FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!), an income (wait, was that covered when I mentioned the job is paid?), my own place (well, shared with roommates), and the ability to do my own grocery shopping (actually, I’m really excited about that part for some reason).

I know I have a bit of a history of describing things as both “scary and exciting,” but I think this situation calls for it… again. The JVC chapter is ending, which is a bit sad, but I really can’t wait to start the next chapter. Hey, Life, bring it on!


The Sound of What’s Happening.

May 17, 2010


Listen to it.

What do you hear?

Great Expectations

January 12, 2010

On Saturday, my community had a great conversation and Spirituality Night (planned by Amanda) about our expectations for JVC before the year began.

For me, I remember trying to come into the year with an open mind, void of expectations. How could I have expectations when I had never actually experienced anything quite like this before?

During our conversation, however, I realized something: despite my best efforts not to, I did bring expectations with me to Baltimore. I loved the idea that everything would be perfect. That everything would work out how I projected it.

But guess what? That’s not life. Things go wrong and not everything can be perfect. Life takes sacrifice. It takes adapting and improvising. Expectations may be inevitable, but we have to work past disappointment and surprise when expectations don’t come true. We have to make the best of what is happening.

So, like we did in our Spirituality Night, I’m ripping up my expectations and approaching each day with an open mind and an open heart.

How do you handle your own expectations?